His Private Clients Make An Average of $6,830,000/Year...
Now, He'll Mentor You So You Can Rapidly Boost Your Profits
While You Work Less
Private mentoring via web chat or voice messaging via app as a professional sounding board
Value: $12,000/year
Weekly mentor Members Group Call With James Schramko
Value: $15,000/year
Monthly Group "Ask Me Anything" Call (Including recordings)
Value: $6,000/year
Instant Access To Playbooks and Trainings on How to Grow Your Business
Value: $21,457
Instant Access to Community Forums including a progress Journal for Group Coaching
Value: $1,164/year
Unlimited Access to Years of Live Event Archives
Value: $5,000
App access. All of this works on your iPhone or Android. Includes push notifications
Join today for
Monthly Group "Ask Me Anything" Call (Including recordings)
Value: $6,000/year
Instant Access To Playbooks and Trainings on How to Grow Your Business
Value: $21,457
Instant Access to Community Forums including a progress Journal for Group Coaching
Value: $1,164/year
Unlimited Access to Years of Live Event Archives
Value: $5,000
App access. All of this works on your iPhone or Android. Includes push notifications
Join today for
ONLY $99/month
Over 13 years, he's coached 3,561+ entrepreneurs — including icons such as Pat Flynn, Ryan Levesque, Molly Pittman, Tom Breeze, Justin Brooke, Chander Bolt, and Ezra Firestone.
Now, James Schramko can help you radically increase your income and work less (as long as you already have an online business).
You get:
  • Daily access to an expert who has private clients averaging $6,830,000 / year
  • Proven playbooks on traffic, conversions, hiring, scaling, systemizing, productivity, recurring revenue and everything else you need to explode your business fast.
  • Real-time data on what's working now in your market and with your business model
  • A clear, custom "action step" — so you always know the right thing to move the needle for your business.
  • Not for beginners: You must meet the 5 criteria mentioned on this page
Here's what James' coaching clients have to say:
Rick Mulready
hot pink quotation mark
I can absolutely confidently say that
as a result of working with James,
we increased our revenue by 30%. While we also increased our profit margin by 25%.
I was also working the fewest hours per week in my business that I have in years. And so I can't say enough great things about James Schramko.

If you are considering work, if you can get into James's world, do it.Because your business, your life, your family, your health will thank you for it.

He's the guy to help you with all those things, and I can't recommend him enough."

Rick Mulready

Ryan Levesque
hot pink quotation mark
James has helped me transition our
business from a small, private consulting firm, to a large multi-million dollar information publishing and training business, including helping to grow our paid community to over 1000 members.
I turn to James as my trusted advisor, when I'm need of wise counsel – and I consider him my "truth-teller" because he always challenges my thinking and forces me to consider all angles before making any strategic decisions in my business.
Anyone who has the opportunity to work with James, I highly recommend you jump on that opportunity – before James decides to retire in favor of spending his days surfing."
Ryan Levesque
John Lint at the beach
hot pink quotation mark
 Working with James in the past
year, our business has tripled!"
John Lint
Ezra Firestone
hot pink quotation mark
James is the best coach in the world
for online business entrepreneurs.
His phenomenal ability to transmit knowledge of infrastructure, systems, strategy, marketing, team and business has helped me grow my business from seven to eight figures per year in just a few short years."
Ezra Firestone
Gert Mellak
hot pink quotation mark
Since being a James Schramko
mentoring partner, we have doubled revenue, tripled profit, and brought on more than 10 team members within a year, as the business has been growing by 5-10% month after month."
Gert Mellak
From: James Schramko
"I quadrupled my investment within four weeks"
John had a successful business — but it was killing him.

His 15 hour workdays left him worn out and defeated.

To him, it seemed like everyone else got to enjoy life. They spent evenings having dinner with friends. Or they spent sunny weekends by the beach.

Meanwhile, John spent that time hunched over his computer. He was constantly overwhelmed with all the things he had to do to keep his business going.

The online business "gurus" only made it worse.

Every day, he saw Facebook ads and emails telling him:
"You need a deadline funnel!"

"Start a membership site to get recurring revenue!"

"Get traffic from social media!"

Anytime he explored one of those ideas, he would find a dozen more. (Write a book! Run a live workshop! Become a coach!)

It was like playing a game of "whack-a-mole". All these ideas would pop up and he didn't know what to focus on.

You may have that same challenge. Right now, you may want to know:
"What is the best way to grow your business 
without working yourself to death?"
Since John didn't know that answer, he was stuck in the "hamster wheel" of online business. He chased new ideas but never got anywhere.

I bet you know what that's like. You know how it feels to chase one "shiny object" after another, each time thinking it will give you the breakthrough you need..."

But it doesn't work.

For example, John joined a business course hoping to get some guidance. But all they did was throw a bunch of trainings at him.

It was as if they said:

"Here are 15 new rabbit holes for you to explore. And each will turn into 5-6 other rabbit holes. And if you want to succeed you'll need to master coding and copywriting and this special software and blah blah blah. Good luck with that!"

Then he joined a private coaching group. He would post questions but the "guru" never answered. Instead, he got a flood of advice from beginners. So there was no way to know if the tips he got were good... or if they were a colossal waste of time.

If you want to stop spinning your wheels
and see "hands-off business growth"
you need one thing...

You've got to know the best next step for you. And the most effective way to execute it.

John knew he needed clarity. So he came to me.

He joined my JamesSchramko program — where I personally coach members one-on-one.

His first week in, he messaged me for help.

He told me about his situation. And we decided his best move was to create a new offer.

I continued to coach him and within 3 weeks, that new offer quadrupled his investment in JamesSchramko.

When is the last time you got 4X ROI within 3 weeks on anything?
Greg Merrilees
hot pink quotation mark
 My business has completely
Over the past 8 years my business income has grown 4X to over 1Mil p/a for the past 3 years, and my profit is consistently at 50% each year, thank you!! Forever grateful =)"


Greg Merrilees

Will Wang
hot pink quotation mark
 In the two years of partnering with
James Schramko, my life and business have changed completely.
– I've got an amazing team.
– We're growing from strength to strength
– We're a seven figure company now
– We have great systems and processes
– Our team is incredible
...and I can take time off during the week without stress.
I'm so grateful."
Will Wang


Ryan Spanger
hot pink quotation mark
I have been a member of the
community for over ten years. It's the best investment that my business has ever made."
Ryan Spanger


Robyn Logan
hot pink quotation mark
 We were able to recover from the 
GFC and a business ownership change to see record profits.
James can cut through issues in two minutes and has assembled some very powerful members in James Schramko mentoring."
Robyn Logan


Kat Jarman
hot pink quotation mark
 Having James as a partner quickly 
tripled my income and led to huge breakthroughs that would not have come on my own."
Kat Jarman
And we're just getting started...

...Now, John is on a new path. One I'd like to invite you to take today.

Thousands of entrepreneurs have walked down it already. And they've had jaw-dropping results.

If you take this path, it will help you put an end to:
  • The overwhelm of not knowing the best way to grow your business
  • Trading dollars for hours
  • "Feast or famine" revenue cycles
  • Grinding 24/7
  • Your revenue being dependent on one client or platform (like Facebook)
And instead, you'll enjoy:
  • Predictable, recurring income
  • Constant leadflow
  • Your mornings, evenings, and weekends free.
And ultimately, help you earn $10,000 to $50,000 a month online. All while you work as little as 3-5 hours a day.

That may seem impossible. But it's actually conservative.

My own business has averaged over $100,000/month since 2008. And I only work 10-15 hours a week. Sure, I could make more. But I'd rather spend that time with my kids. Or out surfing.
Me surfing, which I've done almost every day for 9+ years.
And I have hundreds of past and current coaching members who have achieved similar results.
Tom Breeze
hot pink quotation mark
 James Schramko Mentoring
is the best business development program I have ever been involved in.
I added £900,000 profit per year to my business within 21 months and gained time back for my family and my business has tripled every year for the last 3 years. I've learned so so much from James."

Tom Breeze

Dan Corkill
hot pink quotation mark
 I went from working like a maniac
to running an effective team, scaling our business and work a lot less with help from James."
Dan Corkill
David Heatley
hot pink quotation mark
 Everything that you said would
happen is coming to fruition.
It's great to have the regular income coming in. I've been getting some real time savings and in December, we had our biggest month ever."
David Heatley
Andre Chaperon
hot pink quotation mark
 I flew from Spain to Sydney to attend
James' yearly James Schramko Mentoring gathering.
I came as a guest. I made the crazy gazillion-hour flight because I was thinking of joining James Schramko Mentoring, and I wanted to meet some of the members...
A week later I was a member. Joining ended up being a complete no brainer. An easy decision.
James has one badass group of entrepreneurs in his high-level mastermind. They're smart as hell and hold nothing back.
Need ninja funnel help, copywriting, paid search insider info, or wanna know how to crush it on webinars or public speaking — there are members that have every base covered.

I've met no better "generalist" than James, which is a trait you want in a business coach.

I've struggled with accountability. Because, well ... if I don't finish something "on time" there's typically no consequences.

That dynamic has completely changed now...

I have James to answer to. So shit just has to get done. I have to execute. And my business is better for it.

Entrepreneurs sometimes have a lonely existence building their business in isolation. Unless you're a Google or Facebook, you're largely on your own to figure shit out the hard way.

This is why masterminds for entrepreneurs is critical to their success. In fact I don't know one successful entrepreneur who isn't part of a high-level mastermind group.

I can't tell you how comforting it is to know that James has my back. For that, James Schramko Mentoring is worth every dollar, and so much more.

One word of warning though...

If you don't like being UNCOMFORTABLE, a buck gets ten this isn't for you. Don't join...

Because James WILL push you right out of your comfort zone. That's what he does so well. It's his fiduciary responsibility as a mentor. And it's the only way to progress your business like never before.

If you're not happy with your current rate of progress. And you know operating outside of your comfort zone is where you need to be...

Be more productive, enjoy living and boost your business with James Schramko Mentoring."

Andre Chaperon
Author of AutoResponderMadness.com

Chris Chung and James Duffy
hot pink quotation mark
 It is invaluable to have an 
experienced sounding board to help with decision making.
We have a substantially more robust business because of James Schramko Mentoring."
Chris Chung and James Duffy
Matt and Liz Raad
hot pink quotation mark
 Every entrepreneur needs a coach.
James has helped us make leveraged growth of our 7-figure online education business and website portfolio so much easier with proven business frameworks, high level strategy and coaching, and an incredible network of connections – if you want to get something done, James can point you to the person and resources that will help make it happen.

James has seen under the hood of thousands of businesses and he is a master at collating that experience and passing that invaluable knowledge on to your personal situation – his insights have transformed the way we run our education business, from back-end systems to lead generation.

If you want to create a business that works for you and can scale to whatever goal you have, if you want to be part of a group of motivated and talented people, and if you want to work with someone who genuinely cares about getting you the outcomes you want, then applying for James Schramko Mentoring will be the best next move you can make."

Matt and Liz Raad
Jarrod Robinson
hot pink quotation mark
 I worked just 20 minutes this week
and my business still ran like clockwork.
I could never have dreamed this was possible a year ago."

Jarrod Robinson

You Are 48-Hours Away From
Your Next Business Breakthrough...
James Schramko
Hi, I'm James Schramko.

In the past thirteen years, I've helped over 3,561 entrepreneurs create successful business.

Right now, I have private clients earning an average of $6,830,000 / year. Including a few top names you would probably know.

Plus, another 100+ clients earning $10,000-$2,000,000+ in my JamesSchramko community.

Keith Krance
hot pink quotation mark
 James is the ONE person I go to when
I need to make a difficult decision.
He has guided me through crucial partnership negotiations and gives me clear direction on exactly how to roll out new services and programs."
Keith Krance


I have over 33 years of business experience. And I've had success that make me uniquely qualified to coach a wide range of entrepreneurs.

For example, I:
  • Built a $1,000,000/year SEO businesses within 3 years — then sold it for a nice profit.
  • Sold more than $15,000,000 of my own products and services
  • Hired, trained, and managed over 70 employees when I ran a Mercedes-Benz dealership.
  • I was the #1 Mercedes Salesperson then Sales Manager in Australia for a few years
  • Launched a podcast that has 65,000+ listeners per month and over 1000 episodes
  • Wrote the Amazon Best-seller "Work Less, Make More"
  • Earned $3,000,000+ with one product launch
  • Run 200+ person conferences and Maldives masterminds. Both sell out in advance.
Live events
On a 100ft+ yacht at my Maldives Mastermind
In all that time, I learned one very important thing about online business.

It doesn't matter what market you're in.

It doesn't matter what business model you have.

And it doesn't even matter if you have no clue what your next steps should be.

No matter what you have going on, that one thing still applies. And it's this: You can grow your business without working your fingers to the bone.

In fact, you are 48 hours away from your next business breakthrough.

From that "ah-ha!" moment of clarity that leads you to quickly:
  • Double your profits
  • Slash your work hours
  • Do both
And you can get those results in as little as 3-6 weeks.

But that's not even the best part.

You see...
You can repeat this "48-hour business
breakthrough" over and over,
and in every part of your business...
For example, your first breakthrough may be about how to 10X your traffic. Your next may be your conversion funnel. Then how to build a team to run all that for you.

The result?

Month after month your revenue grows even as your work hours dwindle.

So you can step away from your business for months at a time. Then return to find it's running as smooth as ever. With no drop in revenue or quality of service.

You may even find your business grew without you being there!

Having a "continuous string of business breakthroughs" is simple.

You just need to know the "profit levers" hidden in your business. The areas that will give you MAXIMUM IMPACT in MINIMUM TIME. (You'll discover how to find yours below.)

But it's not just about knowing WHAT those leverage points are.

It's about knowing WHEN to pull them. And in WHICH ORDER.

Otherwise, you become a victim of your own success. Where you're making money but running around with your hair on fire trying to keep everything going, instead of having your evenings and weekends free to enjoy your life.

This is the key step most people miss. They chase after big revenue numbers thinking more money will equal more freedom. But that's not always the case.

Done wrong, more money can make you a slave to your business. You have to work every job. And you have to work around the clock. All so you can hit your revenue goal.

We think building our revenue will set us free. But it turns out, we're only building a larger set of golden handcuffs.
This is why so many coaching programs
and online courses fail...
They help you with one leverage area. Say, they help you set up a funnel to get leads from Facebook automatically.

And sure, this can be a nice win. But that one win won't lead you to a life of sipping Mai Tai's by the beach.

Because then you have to deal with:
  • Order fulfillment
  • Customer service
  • Improving conversions so you don't lose your shirt on ad spend
  • Your lead supply running dry
  • Facebook changing their algorithms so your leadflow disappears overnight...
You're smart. You know success in business isn't about getting just ONE thing right.

Your business has too many moving parts. Just like every other business in the world.

You don't need one magic bullet, you need a chamber full of them. And more importantly, you've got to know exactly when to pull the trigger. And what to aim at.

When you have all that working together, you can get results.

Otherwise, you end up going 500 miles an hour in 7 different directions. And you don't know which is the right one.

Sure, you may make seven figures a year eventually. But at what cost?

Is it worth missing all that time with friends and family?

Is it worth destroying your body because you never have time to eat well or exercise?

Is it worth missing out on life so you can hit a certain revenue number?

But that won't happen to you anymore.

Because you can have the success you want without all the sacrifice.

And you'll get it much faster with me in your corner.

In 13 years, I've helped 3,561 entrepreneurs (and counting) grow their business — while still having a life.

I've coached entrepreneurs with every business model you can think of. Including e-commerce, affiliate marketing, coaches, selling information products, freelancers, business services, SAAS, and brick-and-mortar businesses.

And my clients have been in over 47 different markets. Everything from health to real estate to finance to farming. (That's right, farming!)

Before that, I spent 8 years running two multi-million dollar Mercedes dealerships. But I've always had that entrepreneurial itch. So while I was there, I built a $30,000/month business on the side.

I then quit my job at the Mercedes-Benz dealership to work on my business full time. And within 8 weeks I scaled it up to $100,000/month...

Once I cracked the code for making money online, I went on to create multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses.

Because of my experience, there isn't a single business problem entrepreneurs face that I haven't seen dozens of times.

Now, my job is to help you find the best path forward. Then keep you on track.

So if you get sucked down the wrong rabbit hole, I'll tap you on the shoulder. And remind you "No, don't do that. Do this instead."
Here's how you can
start right now...
Let's zero in on the key "profit levers" that can move the needle for your business.

This is based on the business diagnostic tool I used with my private mentor members. Many of whom pay $36,000/year for my coaching.

As you'll see, each lever has multiple areas where you can create a breakthrough.

Put them all together, and you can create a business earning more than you could ever need. With predictable income. While you make a positive impact. And best of all — working 4-5 hours a day or less if you choose.
These Are The 4 "Profit Levers"
To Maximize Your Income
While Slashing Your Work Hours
Profit Lever #1. Business Model, Pricing and Packaging
From the outside, Kevin Rogers appeared to be killing it.

He was as successful as a freelancer could be. He commanded premium fees and was well-respected in his industry.

But the success he worked so hard to achieve left him feeling burned out.

He was tired of trading dollars for hours. As well as the "feast or famine" cycles that always come with freelancing.

He took jobs that left him stressed and overworked. Because he didn't know when that next gig would come.

Kevin reached out to me. Together, we decided his best move was to change his business model.

Instead of working one-to-one, he needed to go "one-to-many".

Shortly after this, his new membership site was born. Kevin more than replaced his income with a business that earned mid-six-figures and generated predictable revenue.

Even more important, he has his time back. He's able to spend evenings and weekends with his family instead of being stuck behind a computer.
Terence Toh
hot pink quotation mark
James Schramko Mentoring helped
me prepare my business for sale.
I was able to sell it a full year earlier than anticipated, and at a premium to my initial expectations."


Terence Toh

Peter Moriarty
hot pink quotation mark
With James Schramko Mentoring's 
help over several years we:

– scaled our business from six figures per year to six figures per month!
– Achieved the position of #1 Australian Small Business G Suite Partner
– Acquired 6 competing companies to fuel our growth
– Launched a new membership and community
– Retained 100% ownership of our business with no equity investors


From a personal perspective I:

– Lowered weekly work hours from 60+ to under 20
– Gained the flexibility to travel multiple times each quarter for business and pleasure
– Gained the time to take up cycling and lose 30kg with personal health & nutrition changes

James Schramko Mentoring is truly transformative."

Peter Moriarty

James Reynolds
hot pink quotation mark
 In growing my online business from
zero to seven figures per year, James Schramko Mentoring has been life-changing."
James Reynolds
Shane & Jocelyn Sams
hot pink quotation mark
James Schramko Mentoring is
It's a community of great people, lead by a great guy, building great businesses together.
James helped us see paths we never imagined, and he genuinely cares about our success. Joining James Schramko Mentoring without question helped us work less and earn more!"


Shane & Jocelyn Sams

Changing your business model can be a huge profit lever. But there are easier, faster ways to get results as well.

For example, many of my clients have seen huge revenue increases in a short time simply by changing their pricing. Or by packaging their offers in new ways.

These are changes you can make in a day or two. And they can be hugely profitable for you right off the bat.

Which of those changes should you focus on?

That depends on your situation and goals.

But I can guide you there.

Take a moment and ask yourself:
  • Do you have a consistent steady cashflow coming in month after month?
  • Is your revenue safe even if Facebook, Google, or some other platform you use to attract leads shuts down? Or if your main client(s) left?
  • Is your income at the level you want?
If you said "no" to any of those there is a hole in your business.

Pulling this lever can be a fast way for you to ramp up your revenue while saving a ton of time.

Now, that's just profit lever #1. And you can already see the massive impact it can have on your business and life.

The good news is you'll probably like the next profit lever even more...
Profit Lever #2 Traffic, Selling and Conversions
Steve Mastroianni was a guitarist who felt stuck in his business.

He had all these ideas for how to grow but didn't know what to do.

Should he focus on coaching guitarists? Writing songs? Producing music?

He enjoyed those things and did them well. But he felt like he had more to offer...

He messaged me and asked for help. After a little back and forth, we found the perfect idea for him: He could write a book.

For the next few days, Steve felt like he was on fire. Despite having no writing background he cranked out a book on how to play guitar. And within 6 weeks, it was a #1 bestseller in five different countries!

Because he reached out for help, Steve was able to focus on the part of his business that excited him most.

And instead of getting lost in the weeds, he ended up with a great book that continues to drive traffic and bring in new customers.

Unlike most musicians who struggle to earn a living, Steve now has a thriving business doing what he loves.
Ilana Wechsler
hot pink quotation mark
 I made a return on my membership
within the first 58 days by launching a brand new product.
Best of all, I can repeat this over and over again with the new skills I have learned. James Schramko Mentoring is the fastest way to boost an already successful business."


Ilana Wechsler

Taylor McMaster
hot pink quotation mark
 After joining James Schramko 
Mentoring, my business is more streamlined, focused and flowing than ever before.
I credit James' straightforward advice and extensive experience in the agency world to our success! I highly, highly recommend James Schramko Mentoring."

Taylor McMaster

Jovan Will & Fernando Godinez
hot pink quotation mark
 Within weeks of joining James
Schramko Mentoring, we got total clarity on which of our projects to focus on plus some incredible frameworks to fast-track the execution of them.
One of the first action items resulted in an instant saving of $1,972 per year by making one single phone call."

Jovan Will & Fernando Godinez
Advisor Internet Marketing, LLC

Bree Argetsinger
hot pink quotation mark
 Growing a wildly successful 
business is a lot like motorcycle racing.
You have to know when to roll the throttle wide open and just how late you can hit the brakes coming into a turn. You have to know how to navigate around the competition and how to keep your inner game calm, focused and steady when you're out there going over 100MPH.
Having a coach who's been there before and not only knows the racecourse but knows how to tailor their advice to your unique situation is the difference between crashing & burning and taking home the gold.
James is the person I count on for wise council to navigate every kind of obstacle I encounter. Working with him has given me more confidence in making key strategic decisions, and his keen insight and straight-shooting advice has exponentially accelerated my business growth.
If you're looking for a coach you can count on to have your back, who brings their personal best to every session and is always thinking about how they can help you get what you're after, you've come to the right place."
Bree Argetsinger

Head Ninja | The Betty Rocker, Inc

Kevin Rogers
hot pink quotation mark
 CopyChief.com achieved a 200%
increase in sales within 6 months and on track for 350% gains.
Most of this is recurring income. James Schramko Mentoring works."

Kevin Rogers

To see if traffic, conversions. and sales is an area you need to focus on, ask yourself:
  • Do your sales flow nicely from multiple lead sources?
  • Do your customers hear your offer and immediately want to buy it?
  • Do your funnels maximize upsells, downsells, and cross sells?
If you answered "no" to any of those, we can change that very quickly.

When you have the first two profit levers working together, you'll have plenty of cashflow available. That will help you to quickly pull on profit lever 3...
Profit Lever #3. Team, Systems and Scaling
Jarrod Robinson had a full-time job as a teacher. He enjoyed it, but it didn't pay well.

His main revenue came from his online business. But this chewed up every extra minute of his life.

Time that could have been spent with loved ones was instead spent handling emails, tinkering with his website, editing videos...and hundreds of other time-consuming tasks.

When Jarrod came to me, he was working 95 hours a week in total.

We worked together, and I helped him build out a team to handle the workload. They even took on tasks Jarrod thought he had to do himself — like running workshops.

We also eliminated time-consuming activities that didn't create much income. Instead, we focused on the leverage points that brought in the most money with less time.

Doing this helped Jarrod free up 50 hours a week.

What would you do with an extra 50 hours a week free?

On top of that, he built his side-business up to $500,000/year.
Jaime Masters
hot pink quotation mark
 James has such a wealth of 
marketing knowledge.
James Schramko Mentoring is ideal for anyone really wanting to go beyond where they are at currently. Plus, the number of resources/training in James Schramko Mentoring is unmatched!
He's been in the game for such a long time, and what is so great is that he always stays current and ahead of the game. I've already recommended his offerings to others."

Jaime Masters

Mike Reading
hot pink quotation mark
 Over the last three years James 
Schramko Mentoring has proved me encouragement, insight and advice.
This has resulted in a 500% increase in revenue. Even more valuable than the increase in revenue, is that I now have a real business, not just a job."


Mike Reading

Brenton Ford
hot pink quotation mark
 In the last two years of working with
James my business has doubled, profits have increased by 4x and we've added almost $100,000 of annual recurring revenue.
Best of all I've been able to decrease the hours I spend working on the business by using some of James' strategies which have allowed me to spend time with my family, exercise and travel overseas."


Brenton Ford
Effortless Swimming

Charley Valher
hot pink quotation mark
 I wish I had joined earlier.
James has completely changed my approach to business.
Before, I felt like I was hitting the same ceiling repeatedly and was becoming frustrated with my progress. One month in, I feel like that ceiling has been completely removed. The knowledge and support provided by James is world class."

Charley Valher

Wilco de Kreij
hot pink quotation mark
 James gave me my life back.
He's been (and still is!) incredibly helpful setting up systems, processes and my team – and has helped me run my business at a much higher level. My business wouldn't be where it currently is without his input!"


Wilco de Kreij

This is just a glimpse of what good teams, systems, and scaling can do for you.
To see if this is an area for you to focus on, ask yourself:
  • Do you have team members who handle all the nitty gritty tasks you don't enjoy?
  • Could you sell your business if you wanted?
  • Could you walk away from your business for 30 days without seeing a catastrophic dip in revenue?
If you said "no," don't worry. There's a lot we can do to change that very soon. More on that in a moment.

But for now, here's one last profit lever. This one can help you save time and get your life back starting immediately...
Profit Lever #4: Your Self Effectiveness
It's hard to grow your business when you're strung out, overworked, and exhausted.

I know. I used to be that person working too hard in my business. I was overweight and felt ashamed of my body. And my lack of sleep left me stressed and ineffective.

Then, I discovered something that changed everything.

You've probably heard of the 80/20 principle. The idea that 80% of your results come from just 20% of your actions.

Well, I discovered you can break that down even more. In fact, 64% of your results come from just 4% of what you do.

Over time, I developed a system that allowed me to focus on that 4%.

Within a year, I had record profits while working half as much.

Today, I work about 10-15 hours a week. I take Thursdays and Fridays and weekends off. And on the days I do work, I take long breaks in the afternoon to surf or catch a movie with my family.

I've gone surfing nearly every day over the past 9 years. Which helped me lose 20lbs (9kg) and feel younger.

I'm now happier and healthier than ever. And I'm free to spend all evenings and weekends doing what I enjoy with the people I care about most.

To see if this is a key leverage point for you, ask yourself:
  • Are you productive?
  • Do you travel as much as you want?
  • Are you doing things that move the needle in your business or are you just "staying busy"?
  • Are you getting enough sleep?
  • Are you fit and eating well?
  • Do you have great relationships?
  • Are you excited about what you do?
  • Do you have a strong WHY driving you?
If the answer to any of those is "no", I think we both know there is a huge opportunity for you here. We can get your business to serve you instead of you serving it.
James Schramko with daughter
I'm now free to spend as much time as I want with my daughter.
All four of these profit levers work together. And you can pull them at different times depending on what you need.

You may already know which lever you want to pull first. But maybe you're not sure how to do it.

Or maybe you need help in all those areas. But you don't know where to start.

Well don't worry.

There's a simple way for you to get clear on exactly what you need to do.

Plus, get proven guidance on how to do it.

You get all that inside the JamesSchramko Membership.

Let me walk you through it now.
Introducing JamesSchramko:
Everything You Need to Make Up to
$1,000,000/Year Online Working 25 Hours/Week
When you join JamesSchramko, you get unlimited access to me and trainings. Together, you'll be able to grow your business so fast it's scary.

Here's how it works.

First, you log into the community.

If you know what you need to do, you can select the exact playbook to help you.

For example, maybe you choose the training on How to Build and Manage an Effective Virtual Team. Or the one on How to Attract New Clients and Win Back Old Ones. Or How to Double Your Profit while Halving Your Work Hours.

Each training reveals the exact strategies and tactics I use myself. So you get the same proven methods I use to make $1,200,000/year+ working 10-15 hours a week.

I also share what my private clients — the ones making $6,830,000 / year are doing. So you'll be on the bleeding-edge of what's working now. Not following old, outdated techniques.

Almost every training could be a $2,000 course. But I want to make sure you have everything you need to build a thriving business.

Now, you may have questions along the way.

For example, you may not even know what you should focus on first.


You can message me directly.

Nobody believes this at first, but it's true.

You could sign up right now and within 5 minutes start a private one-on-one conversation with me on how to grow your business.

I'll be your sounding board. I'll listen to your ideas and use my years of experience to help you find the best path for you.

And if something doesn't work right away, no problem. We can course correct until you have the business you want. I will be with you every step of the way.

You can also post any ideas or questions in the community forum. There, you'll get fast answers from high-level entrepreneurs who are happy to share their tips and shortcuts with you.

There's obviously a lot to this program. So let's go through it in a bit more detail.
Starting with the training available to you:
Trainings for Profit Lever 1: Business Model, Pricing and Packaging
This is where you create a business that generates predictable, recurring revenue. You'll also develop products customers instantly want to buy. And package your services in a way that maximizes both revenue and sales while minimizing the work you do.

These trainings include:
  • How to build a profitable recurring income business (I used these strategies to make $75,000+/month while working only 4-5 hours a day.)
  • How to create an offer that converts — so you simply tell people what you have then watch the orders come in.
  • How to run a profitable high-level coaching program (These steps are how I built a program that has 35 members paying $36,000/year)
  • How to run profitable in-person events for your business (Based on the Live event I've run for 10 years which always sells out.)
  • How to 12X retention in your online membership (The industry average for an online membership site is about 3 months. My average member stays for 38.5 months. All thanks to the techniques I'll show you here.)
  • How to build a successful membership business using the PROFIT formula (This includes the one counter-intuitive thing to focus on to quickly double or triple your membership business)
  • How to earn monthly royalties using the Schramko Revenue Share Formula - This works for revenue share deals in ecommerce, SAAS, as a freelancer or through a partnership. (This model brings me half my income!).
Here's what members have to say about these trainings:
James Dyson
hot pink quotation mark
 James Schramko helped me create
my first $1 Million Dollars + per year business and has been a huge influencer in my success."
James Dyson
Brendan Elias
hot pink quotation mark
 It took three personal referrals from
satisfied clients over as many years before I felt ready to share my personal and business challenges with a trusted advisor.
James Schramko Mentoring has turned those challenges into assets thanks to James' Midas touch. Being the boss was a lonely business. Until now."


Brendan Elias

Profit Lever 2: Traffic, Conversions and Sales Training
In-depth training in all the following areas: Facebook ads, webinars, podcasting, blogging, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, copywriting, referrals, publishing a book, selling, B2B outreach and sales, Google Adwords, high-converting website design, Youtube ads, sales videos and funnels.

Some of the most popular are:
  • One Minute Social Video Sales Machine - Creating short videos as a bi-product while you are doing whatever you normally do. Posting to socials then making sales via DM follow-up.
  • How to build a podcast and make money from it (A detailed breakdown of how I built a podcast that has over 4,684,400 downloads — and boosts sales almost anytime I release a new episode)
  • Email marketing strategies to drive a million dollar business (Including one strategy that converts 6% of new subscribers into buyers.)
  • A simple cart abandonment email sequence to double sales (This brought in $20,000+ extra in a single month)
  • How to attract new clients and win back old ones using a "Change Campaign"
  • Paid traffic techniques that quickly turned $1,500 into $60,000 using social media ads
Here's how these trainings helped our members:
Austin Brawner
hot pink quotation mark
 Before James Schramko Mentoring,
I was on a path to burnout. Between the constant launches and live events, I felt always behind and was stressed out.
James helped me overhaul my business model from "launch reliant" into a membership-based business in three short months!
I tried to do this before, but his resources and guidance made it quicker and easier and allowed me to focus on executing the plan we built. I highly recommend working with James."


Austin Brawner

Allan Dib
hot pink quotation mark
 James has an uncanny ability
to make the complex simple.
His systems mindset has helped me remove unnecessary complexity and re-focus on what truly matters – that 4% that delivers 64% of result. He's been an important sounding board in my business career and is a genuine voice of value."


Allan Dib

Profit Lever 3: Trainings on Teams, Systems and Scaling
Discover how to hire staff, manage them and get the best out of them. So you have a happy team of high-performers who run and grow your business even while you're on holiday.

These lessons come from my 33 years of experience:
1. Hiring, training, and managing over 200 employees

2. Running an online business with 60+ employees (which I later sold)

3. Running my $100,000+/month business using 6 full-time contractors (while I work only 10-15 hours a week)
In these trainings, you'll discover the best techniques I learned in that time, including:
  • How to build and manage an effective virtual team with almost zero churn (All my employees have been with me 10+ years thanks to these strategies)
  • How to attract and maintain a great staff
  • How to keep your employees motivated without breaking the bank
  • How to build a content site you can sell for big money (This brought me multiple 6-figure paydays)
  • How to generate $100,000 per month consistently (without working yourself to death)
What members are saying:
Cecilia Sardeo
hot pink quotation mark
 Working with James has been 
His ability to find simple solutions to complex problems constantly helped me simplify and focus on the fewer activities in my business that would have the biggest impact.
My biggest goal when I started working with James, was to buy back my time so that I could focus again on what I really enjoyed doing, inside the business and out.
Even though I've got still work to do, the progress made so far is far better than I could ever expect. Whatever you do, if you are seeking business advice, James is your man!"


Cecilia Sardeo
Co-Founder Mindvalley Italy

Anna Jonak and Flori Pyke
hot pink quotation mark
James Schramko Mentoring has 
changed the trajectory of our business.
The fog has lifted, the ceiling has been smashed and our brand is now well and truly on the path to become a household name for female entrepreneurs worldwide."


Anna Jonak and Flori Pyke

Scott Devine
hot pink quotation mark
 It's the accountability.
Accountability of somebody that's been there and done it and isn't afraid to put that pressure on. That's what I've got from this relationship"


Scott Devine

Profit Lever 4: Trainings on Mindset and Peak Performance
Discover the productivity systems and mindsets that have helped me double my income while cutting my work hours from 50 hours/week to 10-15.)

They include:
  • Effective productivity — 6 ways to ensure you focus on the 4% of activities that yield 64% of your results
  • Inbox Relief — Cut your time spent on emails down to 30 minutes a day so you can win back time and eliminate stress. (Yes, this works even if you get hundreds of emails a day like I do.)
  • Instant clarity — How to always know which business project to pursue (and which to dump)
  • How to overcome the mental and emotional blocks sabotaging your success using the N.E.A.T trick
  • The Lifesheet System to stay hyper-organized and get more done no matter how "scatterbrained" you are (You won't waste another minute trying to find notes you took from that client call... where you put those new product ideas... etc.)
  • How to use "bullets and bumpers" to stay laser-focused on your work and life goals and achieve both rapidly (I use these almost every week)"
  • 3 Actions to double your profit while cutting your work hours in half (These helped me have record profits while working 50% less and surfing every day.)
Molly Pittman
hot pink quotation mark
 I joined James Schramko Mentoring
to figure out where to go next with my career. He has helped me gain SO much clarity.
I feel like I can move forward with intention now, instead of reaction. James Schramko just "gets it"... and preaches balance, person fulfillment and values which are so lacking in the marketing space. James Schramko Mentoring has already changed the way I think about business."


Molly Pittman

Dan Wardrope
hot pink quotation mark
 James has been instrumental
in my growth as a business person and a human being over the past 12 months.
He has told me when and who to hire, when to fire and steered me clear of distraction (I like bright shiny objects). I now have a content team, and education arm to my agency, an amazing team and more importantly a crystal clear vision of what my future and purpose in life is. With him by my side I am ready to dominate the world of performance based PPC marketing.
He one of the smartest dudes I know, and he is also one of the most caring people I know. He genuinely loves helping... I can tell he gets a kick out of seeing my progression and success.
If you want to grow your business and your marketing wisdom James is the best I have seen. There has never been a better time to build an 8 figure business and he is the guy that can guide you. Do it now."


Dan Wardrope

Sue Rice
hot pink quotation mark
 Only a couple weeks in to James
Schramko Mentoring and it's already invaluable."
Sue Rice
Get A Clear Action Plan
In 1 Hour Or Less...
Most of these trainings are only an hour long.

That way you can get what you need and implement it fast.

You can even have your assistant go through and implement them for you.

The trainings are available in easy to consume formats via app or desktop. So you can go through them in the most convenient way for you.
Stay Up-To-Date
On the Latest Breakthroughs
In Online Business!
Many trainings....
Inside the membership, you'll find powerful playbooks like this
Training replays
As a JamesSchramko member, you can join me on live trainings. And I'll answer any questions you have.

The topics I cover are based on what my community members need. As well as the latest breakthroughs I and my private coaching clients have had.

So you'll always be ahead of your old progress curve. And you'll have guidance on how to apply these discoveries to your business. So you can have the same success in a fraction of the time.

You'll also get "benchmark" stats and Key Performance Indicators. So you'll know when you can move on to the next thing. Instead of wasting weeks tinkering with something that's "good enough".
Live call details
And that's just the start...
I will personally coach you every week
until you have the business you want
Every month, I answer hundreds of messages inside the JamesSchramko community.
Messages inside the JamesSchramko community
Many of these messages are inside the private "one-on-one" coaching chat with Mentor level clients.

In these threads, we'll dive deep into the challenges you face. Together, we'll uncover a clear action plan that works for you.
Bel's private coaching reply
A reply from our private coaching thread
And if our initial plan doesn't work, we'll revise it. Until you get measurable results.

When I say you can get private coaching inside JamesSchramko, many people don't believe me. They don't understand how it is possible.

But here's the thing.

I have 33+ years of business experience. I've built multiple 6 and 7-figure online businesses. And I've been coaching for over a decade.

So there is almost no business problem I haven't seen and solved dozens of times.

Also, it's not like every member messages me every day. I often don't hear from people for days because they are off executing the plan we created.

Because of my experience, I can quickly reply to each question with thought-out, customized advice.

And because of how my business is structured, I don't have much else to do. So I can easily handle a lot more messages from entrepreneurs like you.

Of course, if you'd rather talk in person, we can do that, too. Because I host live monthly "Ask Me Anything" calls for my JamesSchramko members.

When you use my App you can leave a voice message if you prefer.
Here what some of those members say about my one-on-one coaching.
Ryan Rouse
hot pink quotation mark
 I always get the simplest yet most
powerful answers for the most pressing questions I have."
Ryan Rouse
Joanna Oakey
hot pink quotation mark
 I have had many many years of
conditioning that have made me believe that creating a successful business requires long hours and hard work.
Working with James in James Schramko Mentoring has helped me challenge that (and many other) deeply ingrained assumptions, and has resulted in a business that now feels easy to market and a life that is more fun!
In addition to this, James has become an important advocate of my business, and an all round sounding board.

James Schramko Mentoring has helped me to build the skills to develop much stronger and honed onshore and offshore teams, launch 2 weekly podcast shows, build important internal systems that have driven real change in the business, and perhaps even more importantly has helped me to re-shape my life around more downtime, and exercise.

Most importantly, James' insights have helped me find ways to achieve my goals with a new perspective."

Joanna Oakey
Aspect Legal

Connect with 100+
High-Performing Entrepreneurs
Joining JamesSchramko doesn't just give you access to me.

You also get access to entrepreneurs around the world.

You can ask questions, get feedback, and find out what's working for them now. And use their hard-won knowledge to shortcut your success even more.

30%+ of our members earn over 6-figures in their businesses. Some have even passed the $2,000,000/year mark.

Together, they represent over 26 different business models. Including: Ecommerce, affiliate marketing, coaches, selling information products, selling business services, freelancing, SAAS, and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Here's an inside peek at the different conversations happening inside JamesSchramko right now.
discussions inside the membership
Popular threads inside the JamesSchramko membership area.
One of the fastest ways to succeed in business is to surround yourself with successful entrepreneurs.

This is your chance to do that. You'll have an instant network high-performers all over the world. Each one of them on a mission to grow their business and make a positive impact without sacrificing family and fun.

Here's what members say about this community.
Sonya Keenan
hot pink quotation mark
 As coach when you look to employ
a coach to coach you; you are looking for some one that will challenge your thinking and see the opportunity in your business you cannot.
James is this guy.
Being able to have someone who can step back and show you the potential of our own business is invaluable. Add into that his ability to connect you with like-minded business owners and you can safely say James's program is the "Silver Circle".
Over the past 12 months of working with James he has helped me to grow leads, re-define my offer, increase LTV of my customers and grow my network of strategic partners.
I recommend James Schramko Mentoring to any business owner is ready to scale and accelerate the full potential in their business."


Sonya Keenan
Founder Digital Marketers Down Under

Tim Tavender
hot pink quotation mark
Initially I did the revenue share 
training inside the membership. Later I launched a partnership that did $42k on the first launch, all while I was having surgery.
Tim Tavender


Cherry Pick The Best Freelancers
And Contractors In the Business!
You may want help implementing what you learn in the trainings.

For that, JamesSchramko has some of the top freelancers and contractors around.

You can hire accountants, lawyers, designers, copywriters and more straight from the forum. Or, ask other members who they use. So you have an instant list of vetted professionals you can choose from.

This can save you dozens of hours and thousands of dollars anytime you hire help.
looking for help inside the community
JamesSchramko members finding contractors through the community
Plus, you'll also learn from top entrepreneurs in multiple industries. You'll discover the latest strategies they developed to grow their businesses...
Clint Salter
hot pink quotation mark
 My business would not be where
it is today without the work we did together."
Clint Salter
A Recap of Everything You Get
When You Join JamesSchramko
When you join JamesSchramko, you get:
  • Immediate access to Playbooks and Trainings
  • Live, monthly "Ask me Anything" training calls
  • Instant, private access to 100+ high-performing entrepreneurs
  • Access to the JamesSchramko Live event archives
  • One-on-one mentoring with me via app *mentor level
  • Live weekly small-Group Mentor Calls *mentor level
Pat Flynn
hot pink quotation mark
 I feel like I've grown up as a CEO now.
I have live events, I have books coming out, I've done online courses. And still being able to manage the family and be here for the kids too. Just very thankful for that.
You've been very instrumental in my most recent successes related to a lot of these things that I've just mentioned as a result of your mentorship program."


Pat Flynn

In a minute, I'll walk you through how you can get access to everything mentioned above.
But first, you must qualify...
Obviously, if I'm going to devote my time to coaching you, I need to make sure you are a good fit.

Below are the 5 criteria you must meet in order to become a JamesSchramko member.

1) You be making at least $10,000/year with the ONLINE business you want me to help you with. JamesSchramko is strictly NOT suited for startups or beginners. To be very clear: If you are not already making sales in the business you want help with, this isn't for you. Yet.

2) You're driven.

You have a deeper mission than simply making money.

Maybe it's to take care of your children. Or serve your community. Or simply prove that bully from your high school wrong.

The fact is, there will be times when things get tough. If you don't have a powerful "why" driving you, there isn't much I can do for you.

I do not steer parked cars.

3) You're not just looking to "get rich quick"

This isn't about making a quick buck. It's about better serving your customers. And creating a thriving business that runs without you.

Many of my members do end up making a lot of money quickly. But that's because they enjoy at least some part of their work. And they care about delivering a top-notch service or product to as many people as possible.

If all you care about is your bank account, this won't be a good fit.

4) You have a good-for-humans product or service

I don't help people sell crappy products or services.

5) No multi-level marketing

If you're looking to make money with multi-level-marketing, I'm not your guy.
In the past, entrepreneurs have paid $120K/Year
(many pay $36K now)
for my mentoring, but you
won't have to...
I consistently had 35 members in my private coaching group between 2010 and 2023 when I retired that service. Each member paid as much as $36,000/year for sounding board calls with me.

Inside JamesSchramko, our coaching won't be over the phone. It will be through a private app chat.

Because of this, I'm able to serve you at a lower rate.

So you won't have to invest $36,000/year.

You'll invest a fraction of that.

Before I get into what that investment is, there's something you need to know.

There are two ways you can join JamesSchramko.

The first is the "Connect" package. With this, you get access to everything mentioned above except no one-on-one app chat and no weekly small-group calls.

So you get all the trainings, playbooks, all the JamesSchramko monthly Live talks, and access to the entire community.

But you won't have a private, direct line to me and you won't come to the small-group weekly calls.

However, you WILL have a private, direct line to me and be invited to the small-group weekly calls if you join the "Mentor" package.

This gives you everything you saw on this page, INCLUDING a one-on-one app chat with me.

I generally reply to all coaching questions within a day. So you can expect help fast.

Since I get results, both Connect and Mentor packages come as a month-to-month option. No lengthy legal contracts.
So you can invest as you go with confidence.
Private mentoring via web chat or voice messaging via app as a professional sounding board
Value: $12,000/year
Weekly mentor Members Group Call With James Schramko
Value: $15,000/year
Monthly Group "Ask Me Anything" Call (Including recordings)
Value: $6,000/year
Instant Access To Playbooks and Trainings on How to Grow Your Business
Value: $21,457
Instant Access to Community Forums including a progress Journal for Group Coaching
Value: $1,164/year
Unlimited Access to Years of Live Event Archives
Value: $5,000
App access. All of this works on your iPhone or Android. Includes push notifications
Join today for
Monthly Group "Ask Me Anything" Call (Including recordings)
Value: $6,000/year
Instant Access To Playbooks and Trainings on How to Grow Your Business
Value: $21,457
Instant Access to Community Forums including a progress Journal for Group Coaching
Value: $1,164/year
Unlimited Access to Years of Live Event Archives
Value: $5,000
App access. All of this works on your iPhone or Android. Includes push notifications
Join today for
ONLY $99/month
Get Your Evenings and Weekends Back,
Starting Today...
Look, you can continue to grind and hustle if you want.

Some people seem to enjoy that.

But you don't have to do things the old way. Where you get a funnel strategy from one guru... then team-building tactics from some other mastermind...

...And slowly piece together a business that looks good on the outside...

...But leaves you stressed out and overworked.

So you become that lonely, cranky, physically unhealthy entrepreneur who spends every waking moment hunched over a computer, working. While everyone else is out enjoying life.

Because today, you have a new option.

You can join JamesSchramko membership. And we can build a thriving business. One that brings you automated income, makes you independently wealthy, and lets you live life passionately.

So you can close the computer at 4PM and enjoy evenings with loved ones. And when you go on that weekend beach trip, you actually enjoy the sun and waves — instead of staring at your laptop half the time.

I've built a business like that for myself. And I've helped over 3,561 others do the same.

The sooner you join the membership, the sooner we can do that for you.

I look forward to working with you.
Click below to get started
Join today for
Join today for
ONLY $99/month
Can I change plans if I join on the Connect plan and want to move to Mentor?
Yes. Please contact support and we can help you change. There are no contracts or fixed terms, so you are able to change any month.
Here's what members are saying:
Dan Lyons
hot pink quotation mark
 Working with James over the last
few weeks I've had our best ever month from a revenue perspective, have hired 3 new staff, and have the confidence and support to scale my business.
James' experience, insider knowledge and know-how give him a unique 360 degree perspective of my business. He knows the leverage points to focus on that have the greatest positive effect, and is a steady, guiding hand.
I've worked with many coaches before, and James is head and shoulders above the rest. I rely on his advice and opinion heavily when making pivotal decisions regarding my business."


Dan Lyons

Matthew Lepre
hot pink quotation mark
 James' experience in business truly
He showed me how to focus on the most important aspects of the business to ensure longevity and consistent growth.
James helped me put a partnership together and within 12 months we have built an 8 figure business."


Matthew Lepre

Gina Horkey
hot pink quotation mark
 We started working with James
in December of 2018. In the year BEFORE working with James, our primary business grossed $354,000 – we've successfully doubled that by implementing the specific strategies he's given us during the last 18 months!
James is an amazing coach – he has no time for BS and gets to the root of the problem quickly, helping you to come to the most effective solution.
He's also truly a champion of helping you to live your best life, whatever that means to you, keeping your goals (and his) of working less and making more in mind!"


Gina Horkey

Click Below And Let's Get Started Today...
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Join today for
ONLY $99/month
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