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Your Access Includes:
  • Live weekly small group focus calls with other mentor members (Not recorded)
  • Private mentoring via web chat or voice messaging via app as a professional sounding board
  • Playbooks. Fast action guides
  • App access. All of this works on your iPhone or Android.
Ezra Firestone
"James is the best coach in the world for online business entrepreneurs.

His phenomenal ability to transmit knowledge of infrastructure, systems, strategy, marketing, team and business has helped me grow my business from seven to eight figures per year in just a few short years."

Ryan Levesque
"James has helped me transition our business from a small, private consulting firm, to a large multi-million dollar information publishing and training business, including helping to grow our paid community to over 1000 members.

I turn to James as my trusted advisor, when I'm need of wise counsel – and I consider him my "truth-teller" because he always challenges my thinking and forces me to consider all angles before making any strategic decisions in my business.

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with James, I highly recommend you jump on that opportunity – before James decides to retire in favor of spending his days surfing.

He's the guy to help you with all those things, and I can't recommend him enough."

Keith Krance
"James is the ONE person I go to when I need to make a difficult decision.

He has guided me through crucial partnership negotiations and gives me clear direction on exactly how to roll out new services and programs."
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